My favorite fairy-tale characters composition

Ivan Tsarevich is my favorite fairy-tale hero

I want to tell you about my favorite hero of fairy tales – Ivan Tsarevich. Very often it can be found on the pages of books and follow his fascinating adventures in magical stories.

I think that this character includes most of the best character traits. He is a noble and kind, always ready to come to the aid of people in need, boldly enters the fight against evil. Ivan Tsarevich always acts fairly and does not require rewards for his actions, which is why, at the end of any adventure, he is always waiting for a good reward. It seems to me that such stories teach that evil deeds always respond to evil, but good is rewarded much more.

Like any person, Ivan Tsarevich has not very good qualities. Sometimes he begins to doubt his strength, but the other heroes who surround him help Ivan to believe in himself. And then the prince continues his journey.

I also like his courageous and hard character. Ivan Tsarevich very well understands how to communicate with people and animals, where you can ask, and who needs to be ordered.

From the pages of fairy tales, Ivan Tsarevich gives us a lesson that many results in life have to be persistently and courageously achieved, showing not only his diligence and perseverance, but also using ingenuity and cunning. Especially it helps him in the fight against evil heroes. And he also shows that you always have to act fairly in everything. For me, the image of Ivan Tsarevich is very similar to the images of modern and fashionable super-heroes. I believe that every child, after reading a fairy tale about Ivan Tsarevich, thinks about the fact that good deeds are always valued more.

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My favorite fairy-tale characters composition