In search of the meaning of life

In search of the meaning of life

The question of the meaning of life humanity poses for itself from the moment of its appearance. In different epochs man’s earthly life was regarded as a preparatory stage for eternal bliss in the realm of the dead.

According to the ideas of the scientists of the Ancient East, a person must, during his life, be in unity and harmony with the surrounding world. According to their beliefs, the soul of man lives forever, and everyone after his death can return to this world in the guise of both a living being and a non-living thing. The meaning of life of all Eastern peoples is to return to Earth in the next life in the guise of a person or another higher being. The ancient Egyptians believed that after death, the soul and body must be one in life and after death.

As Christian

philosophy teaches, eternal bliss is bestowed only on the souls of the righteous, or

Those who have done good in their earthly life. Souls of sinners, criminals are doomed to eternal torment in the underworld. The meaning of the life of the orthodox Christian is set forth in the ten commandments: “Thou shalt not kill,” “do not steal,” “love thy neighbor as thyself.” One of the principles of the life of a Muslim is to protect his faith from attacks by “infidels” (“holy war” of jihad). To die for faith is the ultimate destiny of a follower of Islam.

The question of finding the meaning of life was asked not only by religious ideologists or philosophers, but also by many writers. The well-known Russian writer and critic NG Chernyshevsky outlined his position on this issue in his novel What Is To Be Done? The heroes of the novel see the meaning of life in the priority of the social principle over the personal. Chernyshevsky’s views were close to the ideologists of socialism, who took his ideas as the basis for building a new society. But in any person the beginning of individualism prevails. The inability to impose new ideas was one of the reasons why the communist society was never built.

The search for the meaning of life is the main theme of the creative

work of FM Dostoyevsky. The life of the protagonist of the novel “Crime and Punishment” by Rodion Raskolnikov is subordinated to the principle “I am a shivering creature or have the right.” The justice of his theory Raskolnikov checks, killing the old woman and her sister. But, having committed this act, Rodion Romanovich oversteps not only the criminal, but also the moral and moral law. Raskolnikov suffers a double punishment: from God and from society. As a result, Raskolnikov feels spiritual devastation.

Eugene Onegin, the main character of Pushkin’s novel of the same name, knew life as a science of “tender passion”. Secular society led Eugene to a state called “Russian blues.”

Pierre Bezukhov’s supreme mission in this life was seen in the destruction of the Napoleonic army. According to the Masonic teachings, which Pierre followed, his name meant “Russian Napoleon.” Prince Andrew was ready to die for the freedom of the Motherland. Lying wounded in the Borodino field, he admitted that the sky of Austerlitz was not as high, clean and infinite as his native.

The search for the meaning of life is one of the eternal questions that humanity poses for itself. But whatever the interpretation of the meaning of human life, and whoever it is given, by parents or God, one must love life, the only one, beautiful, with all joys and sorrows, losses and finds, successes and failures. The main thing in life is to overcome with honor the obstacles that stand in the way of each person.

Most people search for the meaning of life with the earthly criteria of human happiness and most often they end with them: “raise children,” “leave a good memory of themselves,” etc., etc.
Well, they can not understand in any way, that the meaning of life can not be found in life itself, which sooner or later will end for both them and their children! The meaning of life, can only be beyond this life!
The video, though called: “How I came to believe in God,” but it sets the only right direction in the search for the meaning of life.

I am sure that many people in different periods of life are asking this question. Some find the meaning of life in children, others in work, some people find the meaning of life in helping others. Every man finds his answer. The main thing is to live, live in the present time and rejoice in every day, to please yourself, your relatives, children, relatives. To receive pleasure from life.

Indeed, the search for the meaning of life has been going on for many centuries and even millennia, but so far it has not been found. Every society sees the meaning of a person’s life in completely different ways. This can be explained by the cultural and scientific heritage of society. Most likely this riddle will never be solved.

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In search of the meaning of life