Composition on our street in the morning

Spring has come. Snow has not all gone yet, but a premonition of warmth is already in the air. Yesterday we went to the Botanical Garden, watched the nature wake up, which birds first arrive in early spring from the southern countries. And today we were asked to write at the lesson. look whole

When I was five, on my birthday, I was given a porcelain tiger cub. It was very small, could fit on a palm. I wanted to take it and play, but my mother said it was not a toy. He was put in a closet on the upper shelf next to the crystal shelf. look whole

One Sunday, the weather was beautiful. Mom, Dad and I decided to go to Moscow. We visited the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. There were many beautiful paintings, especially I liked paintings on religious themes. Very shocked. look whole

I often dream of my future: what will it be like? It is necessary to study hard and hard to become a sea captain. I am now preparing for this profession: I study the map, read the literature about the great navigators and geographical discoveries. My favorite. look whole

The Bible is a book of books. In it you can find answers to many questions. In the form of parables, it tells about certain actions of a person, about good and evil, indifference and cruelty, about the well-off and unhappy people, about the feelings that overcome them. look whole

I have a dog named Doll. It’s a little fluffy Pekingese. We gave her the nickname because she really reminds us of a funny toy, only a living toy. The doll is amazingly beautiful. The flattened muzzle with very attentive, clever. look whole

I think the school change should be for everyone different. One wants to quietly sit in a chair and relax, listen to gentle music, accompanied by the rustle of waves and the cry of seagulls. The other needs to eat tightly. The third is to run with the ball or play the table. look whole

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Composition on our street in the morning