Summary “Twenty Years Later”

About ten o’clock in the evening, in a windy and rainy weather a tall policeman walked around his plot. Near the entrance to one of the shops, he saw a man and approached him. The man struck a match to smoke and the policeman could see his face. The man explained that he was waiting for his friend. Twenty years ago, in this very place – once there was a restaurant here – he broke up with his best friend Jim. A man went to the West to seek happiness, and Jim remained in New York. Friends agreed to meet in twenty years. And today, at ten o’clock in the evening, Jim, the most faithful and reliable person in the world should come to the agreed place. Wishing good luck to the stranger, the policeman continued his rounds.

Twenty minutes later the tall man came to the store. The friends met and decided to celebrate the meeting in a secluded corner. On the way, a man from the West told the story of his career, Jim said that he serves in one of the city institutions.

The satellites reached the lighted store and looked into each other’s faces. A man from the West saw that before him was not Jim. To which the other replied that a man from the West is under arrest. The police became aware that the criminal Silk Bob must arrive in New York, but before handing him over to justice, he must fulfill one assignment – to send a note from the policeman Jim to Silk Bob.

In the note, Jim wrote that he came on time to the appointed place. Seeing that in front of him is the man the police are looking for, he could not himself arrest a friend and instructed his agent in plain clothes.

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Summary “Twenty Years Later”