Composition about Donbass

Every person has a place that he considers his home. Here everything is expensive and familiar from early childhood, it’s easy to breathe. It does not matter whether we live here or have moved long ago, the image of these places is always in our heart. This place is our small homeland.

My native land is Donbass. I love his stern beauty: the silhouettes of slivers on the background of the setting sun, the flowering branches of apricot in a piercing blue spring day, the mysterious shadows of the acacias on a quiet summer’s night, the steppe, the hot August wind that drives the white lambs along the Azov Sea and the loamy tops of the coastal beauties, poplars, a rustle of autumn maple leaves on the boulevard, a merry New Year fuss of Christmas tree bazaars. I love our ordinary inhabitants, the workers with a broad mind who do not wear a stone in their bosom, know how to work and rest. These people do not seek benefits, do not weave political intrigues, do not incite interethnic

discord, because they are of different nationalities:

Balkan Serb, peasant Pskov

All the land and places were enough

Runaway Cossack and Greek Azov

They lived next door, lived together

Most of them are people who want to live peacefully, work and raise children. They are ready to work hard and want their work to be adequately rewarded. We love beauty. Everyone knows that our Donetsk is a city of roses. A special pride of our city is the park named after Shcherbakov. How beautiful he is in autumn, when the alleys of roses bloom! A few years ago in the center of the city there was a museum of forged figures beauty and talent embodied in metal.

Some of my classmates dream of going abroad to live in countries where the standard of living is higher. But personally I like it when my neighbors are people I know from childhood, people with whom I share common memories, similar moral values.

I am glad that my region has many educational institutions and a developed industry. This means that I do not need to go somewhere. I can learn and find a job here.

Here I was born, grew up, I study, all those who are dear to me live here. Here I want to work and educate my children in the future. I love my native land and I am proud of it, I dream to glorify it. And sometimes, returning home on a warm evening, I just want to repeat the words of my great countryman Vladimir Sosyura from my book:

I’ll fly the song

Above the expanse of fields,

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Composition about Donbass