How I spent summer

Summer this year did not promise anything good: the rain did not stop the second month, a little quiet for a couple of hours a day. It was disgusting in the street, cold, uncomfortable, dirty. And at home one is bored. Friends have departed, parents at work.

Suddenly, my mother offered me a “job”. That is, it was necessary to buy a ticket and at the same time, how to work on this tour in one small or a zoo, or a reserve in the Crimea. I went there with three boys, a little older than me. And how lucky I was!

Firstly, there was almost no rain, but it seemed to me that all the land was flooded with water. Secondly, our work consisted in the fact that we had to feed the animals that lived in a fenced off area of ​​the forest, and in turn to keep watch on a certain territory so that our pets would not be offended – neither other animals nor local hooligans. Of course, we are not adults, not a watchman, but there everything is organized so that you can always quickly call for help from the elders. It was very interesting to observe the squirrels, hares, peacocks, swans, where many of them are almost tame.

During my rest from work we swam in the sea with someone from adults. One spoiled the impression: tedious watch in the kitchen. And there were a lot of watches, because there are not enough free “workers” like us, we hardly managed to succeed each other. But also to it have got used. But the sea went to the mountains, we also went, corneled ate, there you want it! And I learned a lot about animals that I have not heard or read about before. In the summer was pleased.

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How I spent summer