The summary of the story of A. P. Chekhov “Anna on the neck”

After the wedding of eighteen-year-old Ani and fifty-two-year-old Modest Alekseevich, an official, the newlyweds, instead of a merry wedding ball and dinner, went to the monastery on a pilgrimage for two hundred versts. The spouse started this trip in order to let the young wife understand that in marriage he puts religion and morality in the first place. At the memory of the wedding, Ana. it became terrible and disgusting. She felt guilty, deceived and ridiculous. She married a rich man, but she still had no money. Her father and brothers lived in poverty, his father drank, and the boys did not even have boots. When Ani’s mother died, the ladies began to seek for her a good man and found Modest Alekseevich, who was not young and handsome, but had money and a bank account for one hundred thousand, a family estate, and also had a good account with his lordship.

After spending two days in the monastery, the young people returned to the city. They lived in a state apartment.

Anya was afraid of her husband, could not eat in his presence, and when he left, she played the piano, read novels, looked through a fashion magazine or cried for boredom. In addition, she always visited her relatives, but could not help them, because her husband did not give her money.

In the meantime, winter came and the local newspaper reported that on December twenty-ninth in the noble assembly a winter ball would be held. Modest Alexeyevich gave his wife a hundred rubles so that she could prepare for the ball. In the noble assembly she expected full success, thanks to her beauty and brilliant manners. She returned home when it was already light.

Since then, Ani had no free days, because she took part in a picnic, then in a walk, then in a play. She was no longer afraid of her husband, so she spent his money like her own.

On Easter, Modest Alexeyevich received Anna second degree.

Anya very rarely went to visit relatives. My father drank even more, there was still no money. The boys did not let him go alone. When my father, sometimes meeting Anya on the street during a ride, tried to shout something to her, the boys asked him not to do it.

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The summary of the story of A. P. Chekhov “Anna on the neck”