What are your favorite films? Сочинение

My favorite movie is called “King-Frostbrood”. This is a modern German movie, but it is shot according to the old tale of the Brothers Grimm. In general, this is a fun romantic comedy about the love of the prince and the princess.

The plot of the film is complicated. Once upon a time there was a beautiful blond princess. No bridegroom could please her caprices: neither is he unworthy, and he is not fit. At one beautiful prince she ridiculed the appearance and gave him the nickname Drozdorborod.

Then the king-father became angry and vowed to give his daughter for the first one to enter the palace. Then Drozdiborod disguised himself in a disheveled beggar and came to the palace to the laughter of all the other offended suitors. He married the princess and took her to a poor hut, to his kingdom.

I had a tight princess! After all, now she had no servants or luxurious dresses! The spoiled beauty did not know how to stove the stove, nor to cook food. She did not even know that she would have to pay money in the market. After sitting hungry, the princess began to accustom to work. But her tender hands could not do anything and were not used to rough work. Her husband taught her to work and surreptitiously did things to make life easy for her.

The beauty bitterly regretted that she was so capricious and arrogant. “Ah, if I now have my freedom, I would become the wife of Drozdoroboroda!” she was saying.

I like that the film ends well. The princess became a good mistress, ceased to be capricious. She became affable and kind to ordinary people. Then Drozdiborod opened his secret, and they got married in the palace. I also like that this is an intelligent film, and that it describes a real great love. And he teaches to appreciate what you have.

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What are your favorite films? Сочинение