Hussite wars

The execution of Jan Hus overflowed the cup of people’s patience. Numerous supporters of Jan Hus, the Hussites, rebelled. But among the rebels there was no unity. Some, chasniki, demanded permission to all partake of the cup. Others, Taborites, wanted the impossible at all – to build the Kingdom of God on earth. In this kingdom there will be neither poor nor rich, property will belong to all. Taborites were going to destroy cities, burn books. The Chashniki and Taborites did not get along with each other, but they acted harmoniously against the German domination.

Taborites formed an army, which was headed by the nobleman Jan Zizka – a talented military commander. He took part in the Battle of Grunwald in 1410, in which he lost his eyes. Jan Zizka taught his warriors to remove the knights from the horse to the ground where they could be finished off, for the first time put light guns “gofintse” on carts. Jan Zizhka surrounded his combat detachments

with carts fastened together by a chain. In his army reigned iron discipline, for robbery and theft were punished with death. Military service was considered honorable.

In detachments of Yana Zizka there were also Ukrainians. They also introduced the Ukrainian Cossacks to the tactics of the Taborites to use in the battle fortifications from the carts

The pope and the emperor equipped five Huskies against the Hussites, but the knights suffered defeat after defeat. The insurgent army proved invincible. In one of the battles, Jan Zizka lost his second eye, but in the future led the army, until in 1424 he died from the plague. The Taborites repelled the last two Crusades without him. The Taborites attacked Austria, Hungary, Saxony, Meissen, where castles and monasteries were crushed to build the earthly “Kingdom of God” – a fantastic society of equals.

Then the Catholic Church approached the Hussite movement on the other side. She agreed that all believers should take communion from the chalice and that the sermons be read in Czech. The Chashniki were satisfied with this, the Taborites continued to destroy the social foundations. Between them and the cups broke out military clashes. In 1434, the Taborites’ army suffered a crushing defeat at Lipani, after which the German king became the Czech king. And in 1526 the Czech Republic for a long time fell under the administration of the Austrian Habsburgs.

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Hussite wars