Biography of Stepan Razin

Stepan Timofeevich Razin is a Cossack who raised the uprising of 1670-1671.

He was born in a Cossack family.

Biography of Stepan Razin is reliably known only from the 1660s. By this time, he had become a Cossack ataman, had received a rich military experience. After conducting negotiations with the Kalmyks, in 1662-1663 he conducted military operations with the Crimean Khan, the Ottoman Empire. When there was a conflict with Dolgorukov, in the biography of Razin a campaign was made to the area of ​​the lower Volga, as a result of which the trade route in this area was blocked.

Razin developed a plan to overthrow feudal serfdom in Russia. The next expedition to the Volga was no longer just disobedience, but a well-organized uprising. The insurgent peasants throughout the Volga region were led by local leaders. Despite the fact that Stepan Razin’s biography received several victories, the campaign to Simbirsk ended unsuccessfully. Razin was wounded, and then went to the Don to Kagalnitsky town. It was there in 1671 was captured, and Cossacks – rich scary, and later issued to the tsarist government. June 6, 1671 Stepan Razin was executed, having cut off first part of his arm, his legs, and then his head.

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Biography of Stepan Razin