“The Artamonov Affair” Gorky in brief

I arrived in the city of Drymov Ilya Artamonov – a handsome stately man, the residents said he wanted to build a canvas factory on the riverbank. Earlier Ilya served as prikazychikom princes, got the will, for good service gave him money – that’s arrived to build. He has three sons – Peter, Alexei and Nikita.

Ilya comes to the village to their main, Baimakov Yevsei Mitrich, begs, asks to give the daughter of Baimakova, Natalia for her son Peter. And the village all on this Ilya took up arms – they see that the person is intelligent, something else has come to build something, he does not have the same order as everyone is used to.

Baymakov broke down, broke, then dying, his wife Ulyana still says that you can give Natalya a marriage for Peter. They play a wedding, and Ilya Artamonov begins to meet secretly with Ulyana, because she’s a widow, she can not. So they were lovers for a while, but then the village finds out, Ulyana is blamed.

But she already does not care – she loves Ilya.

The factory is under construction, business goes. Natalia is born girls, do not live long, but need an heir, then the son of Ilya is born. The elder Ilya Artamonov dies ridiculously-they bring in some kind of machine for the factory, while they drive her to the factory, Ilya bursts a vial in his head and dies. Peter remains for the elder. The son of Peter Ilya does not really respect him.

Natalia is born a couple of daughters – Tatiana and Elena and son Jacob. Live together, then it turns out that Nikita loves Natasha. Because of hopelessness, he tries to hang himself, but he is taken out of the loop, he decides to go to the monastery. Leaves.

Peter understands that the factory to rule – it’s not his business at all, but due to the fact that it’s necessary, he continues the work of his father. Alexei takes a little, but he also takes part in the management. Alexei has a bride – Olga.

By the content it becomes clear that they are intelligent intellectuals. Children all want to study in gymnasiums, and Peter says

that he does not learn well, you have to live as you live in the village, and do the work of ancestors.

Olga and Alexei have a son, Myron. Children still go to study in gymnasiums. Jacob is closer to Peter than Ilya, from Elijah he simply renounces. Ilya is the smartest of the children. Yakov is stupid, prefers to keep silent and not get involved in conversations. So they live. Peter from Natalia, of course, moves away, she is a simple stupid rural woman, and he wants smart and beautiful. Starts a mistress.

Alexei is dying. Miron marries Anna – a rich girl-doll from Moscow. Nikita is dying. The elder brother of the three remains alive – Peter. The First World War begins. Jacob leaves to live in Moscow, where he is beaten, thrown out of the car at full speed, he dies in two days.

A revolt has begun, workers do not want to work, the factory is standing, the farm is running. Petru Artamonov is 74 years old. He slowly dies.

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“The Artamonov Affair” Gorky in brief