Biography of Wilma Rudolph

Wilma Rudolph – athlete, was born June 23, 1940 in Clarksville, Tennessee. Biography Vilma Rudolph is best known as the history of the first American woman who won three gold medals at the Olympics.

Wilma received three gold at the Olympics in Rome in 1960, thus becoming the first American to earn three gold medals in some games. African American Rudolph won the race at 100, 200 meters, and also at 400 meters in the team.

Born in a large, poor family, Wilma fought against polio, as well as pneumonia, while still a child. For several years she lost control of one leg. Over time, she recovered, becoming an outstanding basketball player.

Wilma began participating in competitions on the run, when she studied at the University of Tennessee. In 1956 in the biography of Wilma Rudolph was awarded a bronze medal at the Olympics in Melbourne. Four years later Wilma won three gold medals. In 1973 the athlete was elected to the National Athletics Hall of Fame. In 1977, a biography of Wilma Rudolf – “Wilma”.

Additional information: In 1977, the film “Wilma” was released about the life of an athlete, in which the role of Rudolph was played by Shirley Joe Finney.

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Biography of Wilma Rudolph