What does it mean to be kind

Good is the good that is honest and useful, all that requires us to be a person, a citizen, a family man.

This is when we do something and do not demand anything in return, there is no self-interest. We can transfer the elderly person across the road, or give way in transport, but this happens extremely rarely. The good people themselves do not believe that young people are kind. Young adolescents are not as educated as before, and society becomes violent. What is kindness? Kindness is the most beautiful thing on earth.

People forgot about their earthly purpose – to do good, to love their neighbor as themselves. Forgot about the existence of a universal moral rule: Do not do to another what you do not want yourself. Too slowly we return to the lost spirituality. Often you feel the desire to avenge an insult or the need to thank with a good deed for the attention shown to you. In the first case, discourages judiciousness, in the second – laziness. And the taste

of true kindness remains unknown. Now not everyone can help a person in trouble. Helping relatives was once an integral part of the tradition. “A good man is not one who knows how to do good, but one who does not know how to do evil,” V. Kluchevsky said. For me, good – THIS IS A PERSONAL HELP TO PEOPLE.

Good are those feelings that cause joy in the heart. It is necessary to listen to the heart.

To be kind, one must treat everyone with love, with joy, to see in all people only good. If it does not work out, you need to learn this, try to improve, saw something bad in someone, then you need to find something justifying, in the end, to treat people positively. There is still a very effective way, to find a very kind person, and try to imitate him.

I have many friends, and they are all very good for me. I try to be kind, because for me to be kind means to be in good relations with people, to reckon with others, to be able to give in to them. But only in comparison of opposites can you understand what is good, so that good without evil does not happen.

Kindness is the conscious

accomplishment of good deeds. The candle does not lose anything if it is ignited by another candle, but allows other candles to do something good. Everyone has his own motives for kindness, someone can not pass by the sufferer, someone is important about evaluation, public opinion, someone thinks about the effect of the act, someone cares about that kindness has reached the destination.

Being kind is not as easy as it seems, because at every step, if you say a rude word or hurt something, you can offend a person. If we talk in general about good, then good is what the world holds, for if there was no good, there would be no peace on earth, friendship, joy, friends and all that we cherish.

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What does it mean to be kind