Composition “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”

The incomprehensible Nikolai Gogol in his mystical work “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka” reveals the national character traits of the Ukrainian philistine of the nineteenth century. The essay on his favorite book describes the simple-heartedness and dedication of the blacksmith Vakula, who captivates the heart not only of the proud Oksana, but of the very queen Catherine, who gave the lovers a pair of their own crochets for his capricious bride from Dikanka.

My favorite book “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka” by Nikolai Gogol always raises my mood and makes me tremble in anticipation of the Christmas holidays.

The action takes place on a small, Ukrainian farm in the Night before Christmas. Local witch Solokha, mother of the smith Vakula, flies on a broom, collecting stars from the sky. She joins the devil, who steals a month. Excessive darkness descends on houses and streets.

A rich Cossack Chub and his cousin go to the sexton to spend a pleasant

evening. But suddenly a snowstorm rises and Chub, who lost the kuma in it, returns to his hut. He thinks he’s lost his way, because Vakula’s voice hears behind the door. His daughter, the proud and unapproachable beauty Oksana, laughs at the blacksmith in love and sends him to get for her the cherevichki, which the queen herself wears.

Meanwhile Solokha returned home. The trait that follows her, gaping, releases a month, which immediately returns to heaven and illuminates the entire farm. Young people pour out the streets to caroling.

Bewildered, Chub decides to look to Soloha for a twinkle. The devil has to hide in one of Vakula’s bags near the stove. Not having had time to drink a cup of tea, Chub also has to climb into the bag, so that he can not be seen by the deacon – Solokha’s third boyfriend. The clerk, in turn, climbs into the bag for fear of being caught by Vakula, who returned home, saddened by Oksana’s assignment.

After grabbing all three bags at once, the strong blacksmith dragged them out onto the road, threw two more heavily, and took one with

the devil with him. He went straight to Zaporozhtsky Patsyuk for advice on how to find the way to the devil, not suspecting that he was sitting in a sack behind him. Пацюк, hardly having time to swallow vareniki which jump into it in a mouth, hints to the smith about a line. The little demon realized that he could get a believing soul and offered Vakul a bargain: they say, I will help you, and you will give me your soul. The crafty blacksmith seized the devil by the tail and ordered to fly to St. Petersburg to the queen.

On the farm, the carols find Vakula’s bags and go for sledges to pick them up. At this time, the cousin Chuba grabs one bag and drags into his hut. In the sack, he finds the same Chub in company with the deacon.

The hero of my favorite book. blacksmith Vakula, arriving on the line to St. Petersburg, meets there Zaporozhye Cossacks, who are called to help him to get an appointment with the tsarina. Marveling at the splendor of the palace and the magnificent painting on its walls, Vakula meets the Empress Catherine and asks for her royal tussles. Touched by his naivete, the queen gives her smith his shoes.

The village is in a turmoil. The sudden disappearance of the blacksmith Vakula gives rise to incredible rumors of his suicide. Upset Oksana badly sleeps at night, realizing that he loves Vakula.

Returning to the farm, the blacksmith with the turtles of the queen goes to woo Oksana, and with joy learns that she is ready to marry him and without skivers.

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Composition “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”