Summary of “Carols”

The last day before Christmas passed. Winter, a clear night arrived. The stars looked. A month stately rose to heaven to shine the good people and the whole world, so that everyone would have fun koljadovat and praise Christ * The freezer is stronger than in the morning; but it was so quiet that the hidden frost beneath the boot was heard for half a verst. Yet not a single crowd of couples showed up under the windows of the huts; month one just looked at them slyudkoy, as if causing dressed up girls to run out on hiding snow rather. Here, through the pipe of one hut, the clubs fell smoke and walked along the sky, and together with the smoke a witch climbed astride a broomstick.

* Caroling is called singing under the windows on the eve of Christmas songs that are called carols. Whoever carouses will always be thrown into the bag by the mistress, or master, or who remains at home a sausage, or bread, or a copper penny, than who is rich. It is said that there was once a fool Kolyada,

who was mistaken for God, and that as if that was why the carols also went. Who knows? It’s not for us, ordinary people, to talk about this. Last year, Father Osip forbade kolyadovat in the villages, saying that if this people please Satan. However, if you tell the truth, in carols and the word is not about Kolyada. They sing often about the birth of Christ; and at the end they wish health to the owner, hostess, children and the whole house. Beekeeper’s note. (Note to NV Gogol.)

If at that time the sorcerer’s assessor rode on a troika of philistine horses, wearing a hat with a wingtail band made in the manner of the Ulansky, in a blue sheepskin, lined with black riffles, with the devilishly weaved lash that he used to drive his coachman, he would, indeed, noticed it, because from sorochinsky assessor, not one witch in the world will escape. He knows how many pigs each pig swine with pigs, and how many canvases lie in the trunk, and what exactly a good man will put in his gown and economy on a Sunday in a tavern. But Sorochin’s assessor did not pass, and what he did to strangers, he had his own parish. And the witch rose so high that it was only a black speck that flashed above.

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Summary of “Carols”