A summary of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”

In Sicily in the city of Messina, the play takes place. To Governor Leonato the messenger reports that he entered the city after the war. Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon, with his retinue. The messenger tells of the battle and talks about the young noble Florentine Claudio, who distinguished himself on the battlefield. The Prince made him his confidant. The niece of Governor Beatrice is interested in Signor Benedict of Padua. The messenger reports that this young man was fighting heroically in the war. Beatrice does not believe, she believes that this dude, idler and chatterbox can differ only in the fun and pirushki. The daughter of Governor Gero tells the guest that he does not take the cousin’s sneers seriously, as Beatrice and Benedikt have known each other for a long time and always cuss and tamper each other at meetings.

To Leonato comes Don Pedro, who is the half-brother of don Juan, Benedict and Claudio. The Prince expresses gratitude for hospitality, and the governor

gladly accepted them for a month. Leonato is very happy that don Juan and Don Pedro are reconciled. Claudio admires Gero, and tells Benedict about it. He, who is confused, does not understand how Claudio will endure marrying. Don Pedro scolds Benedict for mocking the feelings of a friend, because someday he will also have to experience the torments of love. Antonio, the Governor’s brother, tells Leonato that the servant heard the conversation between Claudio and Don Pedro, where the prince told that he was in love with Gero and wanted to tell her everything in the evening, and when she agreed, she would go to her father to ask her hands.

Don Juan is very annoyed, because he does not want to maintain a peaceful relationship with his brother. The governor arranges a dinner, in honor of Don Pedro and the approached don Juan, Boracio returns from this dinner with the news that Claudio is going to get married. Don Juan does not like this upstart, and he thinks about how to mess with him. In the circle of the family, Beatrice is not flattering about don Juan. Leonato complains that his niece has a very sharp tongue

and therefore it will be very difficult for her to find her husband. Leonato’s daughter gives instructions on how to behave when meeting with the prince. At the masquerade, Benedict, hiding his face under a mask, dances with Beatrice, and finds out her opinion of herself and also listens to a lot of ridicule in her address. Don Juan, pretends that he accepts Clavdio for Benedict, asks him to distract Don Pedro from Gero. Boracchio says that he heard, as the prince admitted to her in love. Claudio is amazed at the perfidy of a friend.

Don Pedro Benedict complains to Beatrice, whose words wound him like daggers. Clavdio walks gloomy, he is jealous of Gero, but he tries not to show it. Leonato leads to his daughter and gives his consent to their marriage. A week later, a wedding is scheduled. Don Pedro is very fond of Beatrice’s endless wit, he seems to be the ideal wife for the merry Benedict. He wants to help them reunite. Leonato, Claudio, and Gero say that they will help him. Boracchio tells don Juan about Claudio’s wedding. He wants to prevent the wedding and hatches a villainous plan. For a year, Boracchio has been benefiting from the maid of Heroes, Marguerite. The plan is as follows: At the appointed hour, Barachio will ask Margarita to look out of the bedroom of her mistress, and at that time don Juan will approach his brother, that he contributes to the marriage of Claudio with the libertine, shames his honor, and as evidence their meeting can be seen at night in the garden. And the wedding will not take place. Don Juan likes this plan very much, as it is possible to deceive the prince, and withdraw Claudio from himself, and kill Leonato, and destroy Hero.

Benedict hid in the arbor, who overheard Claudio talk, Don Pedro, and Leonato, they talked about Beatrice and that she was in love with Benedict. Benedict heard greatly agitated. He is also in love, in Beatrice and in her there are so many attractive features, in addition to the jokes and ridicule that she speaks to him. Gero and Margarita are in the arbor, and Beatrice eavesdrops on them. They talk about Benedict, who is very fond of Beatrice. She realizes that she was harsh with Benedict and wants to admit to him in love.

Don Pedro pretends that he does not understand why the jester and merry Benedict is sad. Everyone is happy that he fell for the trick. Don Juan comes to Don Pedro and says that he cares about the honor of his brother, and the friend whom they want to deceive, and as evidence he invites them to the garden at night. Claudio is shocked, he understands that if he sees the betrayal of Heroes with his own eyes, tomorrow he will dishonor her. Boracchio boasts to Conrad, that he deftly strangled the wedding, because at night in the garden he had a date with Margarita, and the hidden Claudio and Don Pedro thought it was Hero. Police officer Kizil and his assistant Bulava become witnesses to their conversation and arrest both, as they are outraged that they are doing such things.

Gero is preparing for the wedding, she is surprised that Beatrice is silent and sad and does not look like herself. She understands that their plan worked and Beatrice fell in love. Kizil and Bulava tell the governor that they have detained two scammers, but Leonato does not want to do business on her daughter’s wedding day and says that they should be interrogated and then they send the protocols to him.

There is a big scandal in the church. Claudio is not going to marry Gero, because he accuses her of deception. Don Pedro realizes that his honor is tarnished, since he contributed to this wedding. Hero faints. Leonato does not know what to do and how to survive such a shame. Benedict and Beatrice are sure that Gero was disgraced without guilt. The monk advises Leonato to declare his daughter dead and make an imaginary funeral, as rumors of Gero’s death will stop talking about maiden dishonor, and those who slandered repent of the atrocity. Beatrice and Benedikt are explained in love to each other. Antonio asks Leonato not to fall into despair, but he already dreams to deal with the abusers. Claudio and Don Pedro come to the governor to say goodbye, but he accuses them of lying. Antonio wants to challenge Claudio to a duel. Don Pedro says that Guero’s guilt has been proven.

The guard leads the arrested Boracchio and Conrad. Barachio confesses that he and Don Juan conspired and slandered Hero, arranging a meeting in the garden. He understands that it is to blame, since the girl died unrestrained false accusation, Claudio in shock from what he heard. Don Pedro is furious with the treachery of don Juan, and thinks how to make amends. Leonato says that the daughter is no longer animate, but everyone in Messina needs to know that she was innocent. Also, Leonato tells Claudio to marry his brother’s daughter. He agrees. Arriving at the grave of Hero, he very much regrets that he slandered the girl by believing the slander. He comes into the house to Leonato and a masked girl is brought to him and asked to fulfill the promise to marry her. Clavdio takes an oath, the girl takes off her mask and he sees Gerro in front of him. He is explained that her death was not real. Preparations begin for the wedding. Benedict asks the monk to marry him and Beatrice. The messenger brings the news that don Juan is caught and taken to Messina. But they will be occupied tomorrow. The fun begins.

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A summary of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”