“Figures” of Bunin in the summary

“My dear, when you grow up, will you remember how one winter night you left the nursery in the dining room – it was after one of our quarrels – and, with your eyes down, made such a sad face? but I do not know anyone touching you when you’re quiet, you come and squeezed to my shoulder! If it happens after the quarrel, and I tell you a sweet word, how impetuous you kiss me, in excess of devotion and tenderness, which only childhood can do! But it was too much for a big fight… “

That evening, you did not even dare to approach me: “Good night, uncle” – you said, and bowing, shuffled his leg. I answered as if nothing had happened between us: “Good night.” But could you be satisfied with this? Forgetting the insult, you again returned to the cherished dream that captivated you all day: “Uncle, forgive me… I will not… And please, show me the numbers!” Was it possible to hesitate after this? I hesitated,

because I’m a very clever uncle…

That day you woke up with a new dream that captured your whole soul: to have your picture books, pencil case, colored pencils and learn to read and write numbers! And all at once, in one day! As soon as you woke up, you called me into the nursery and showered up with requests: buy books and pencils and immediately start digging. “Today is the royal day, everything is locked,” I lied, I really did not want to go to the city. “No, not royal!” – You screamed, but I threatened, and you sighed: “Well, what about the numbers? You can do it, can not you?”. “Tomorrow,” I snapped, realizing that I was depriving you of happiness, but I was not supposed to spoil the children…

“Well, then!” “he threatened, and, as soon as he got dressed, muttered a prayer and drank a cup of milk, began to be naughty, and you could not be healed all day. The joy, mixed with impatience, excited you more and more, and in the evening you found a way out for them. You started bouncing, kicking with all your strength

on the floor and shouting loudly. And you ignored my mother’s remark, and grandmother, and in response, especially shrill, and even more struck the floor. And here the story begins…

I pretended that I did not notice you, but inside everything was cold with sudden hatred. And you shouted again, all surrendering to your joy so that the Lord himself would smile at this cry. But I jumped up from my chair in a fury. How horrified your face was! You shouted again in confusion, in order to show that you were not afraid. And I rushed to you, jerked my hand, and slapped it with pleasure and, pushing me out of the room, slammed the door. Here are the numbers for you!

From pain and cruel resentment, you rolled up a terrible and piercing cry. Once more, more… Then the cries began to flow unceasingly. Added to them sobbing, then screaming for help: “Oh it hurts! Oh, I’m dying!” “I’m sure you will not die,” I said coldly, “you’ll scream and you will be silent.” But I was ashamed, I did not look up at my grandmother, whose lips suddenly trembled. “Oh, grandmother!” you cried to the last resort. A grandmother to please me and my mother was fastened, but just sat on the spot.

You realized that we decided not to give up, that no one will come to comfort you. But it was impossible to stop screaming at once, at least because of self-esteem. You hoarse, but all screamed and shouted… And I wanted to get up, enter the nursery with a big elephant and stop your suffering. But is this consistent with the rules of education and with the dignity of a just, but strict uncle? Finally you are quiet…

Only after half an hour I looked as though on an extraneous business in a nursery. You sat on the floor all in tears, sighed convulsively and amused yourself with your unpretentious toys – empty boxes of matches. How my heart contracted! But I hardly looked at you. “Now I will never love you again,” you said, looking at me with malicious eyes full of disdain. “And I will never buy you anything!” And even the Japanese penny that I gave, I will take away! “

Then my mother and grandmother came in, and also pretended that we had come by accident. They started a speech, about bad and disobedient children, and advised to ask for forgiveness. “And then I’ll die,” Grandma said sadly and cruelly. “And die,” you answered in a sombre whisper. And we left you, and pretended that you completely forgot about you.

The evening went down, you still sat on the floor and moved the boxes. It became painful for me, and I decided to go out and wander around the city. Then the grandmother whispered: “Uncle loves you, who will buy you a pencil case, a book, and the numbers?” And your pride was broken.

I know, the more dear to me my dream, the less hope for its achievement. And then I lukavlyu: pretend to be indifferent. But what could you do? You woke up, filled with a thirst for happiness. But life answered: “Be patient!” In response, you rioted, unable to reconcile this thirst. Then life hit with offense, and you screamed in pain. But even then life did not flinch: “Resign!” And you resigned.

How timidly you left the nursery: “Forgive me, and give me a drop of happiness, that it tortures me so sweetly.” And life relented: “Okay, give pencils and paper.” What a joy your eyes shone! As you were afraid to anger me, how eagerly you caught every word I said! With what diligence you brought out the full mysterious meaning of the line! Now I’ve enjoyed your joy. “One… Two… Five…” – you said, barely leading on paper. “No, it’s not like that, one, two, three, four.” – “Yes, three, I know,” – you answered happily and deduced three, like a large capital letter E.

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“Figures” of Bunin in the summary