Natural areas of Australia. Originality of the organic world

1. What are the features of the location of natural areas in Australia? What are they explained?

Having studied the map of natural areas, you can easily determine the features of their location. But in order to correctly answer the second question of this task, it is necessary to carefully read the text of the 37 textbook and compare the map of natural areas with the climatic map of Australia. The direction of the prevailing winds, the relief, the influence of the surrounding oceans determine the climatic characteristics of the territory, and consequently, the formation of various natural zones.

2. What is the diversity of flora and fauna? Explain the reasons for this peculiarity.

For plants and animals, migration from one territory to another is characteristic. So gradually the animal and plant world spread throughout the territory of the Earth. In accordance with the hypothesis of the drift of Alfred Wegner’s continents, all continents were formed after the split of the single continent and the subsequent disintegration. Australia, according to scientists, before the others separated from the single mainland, and the organic world was formed on its territory in isolation from other continents.

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Natural areas of Australia. Originality of the organic world