From the window of my apartment

From the window of my apartment

I always rejoiced that the windows of my apartment do not go out to a noisy avenue or road, but to country gardens, beyond which a forest is visible. That’s why I did not hang a painting in my room with a picture of the landscape, although I really love the scenery. The view from my window is the best picture that can ever be. This is the best, ever-changing landscape.

In winter, the gardens and the forest are white, so white that it is impossible to look at them in sunny weather without squinting. Where there are commercials of washing powders! Such a fantastic blinding whiteness can only be created by nature. And when the early morning sun just rises from behind the forest, it floods the gardens with a soft pinkish light. This, honestly, I have not seen anywhere else. In the

spring, when the snow melts, the trees for some time stand gloomy, as if lifeless, but here apricots blossom… Here and there, among the monotonous gray sea of ​​branches, white fluffy islets form. As soon as apricots will blossom, as they are replaced by apple, cherry, plum, lilac. Their white, pink, purple and green colors are diluted with red and yellow tulips. Among all this splendor of the roofs of country houses is almost not visible. And along the horizon, behind the gardens, stretches a dark green strip of forest. By the summer, fruit trees are blooming, and the gardens and the forest merge into one green whole. In the summer, nightingales sing in the gardens… Well, in the autumn, even before the leaves from the trees fall, the forest and gardens become red and yellow, and some with green veins. Then they darken, darken, turn brown, and then somehow imperceptibly – black.

On the right, on the edge of the forest, is the St. Sergius Church, built just a year ago. But the snow-white handsome temple is already an integral part of my own landscape, my own “picture” – the view from the window. In the afternoon golden domes glisten in the sun, emphasizing the whiteness of the walls of this stunningly beautiful building. At night, the church is illuminated from inside and outside with searchlights,

which makes it seem like from afar a fantastic high house with windows of multi-colored glass. When you come closer, these colorful glasses seem to form themselves into pictures on biblical themes.

Such is the view from my window. Habitual, but still the most beautiful and native. I regret sometimes that I can not draw. I would paint gardens and forest, St. Sergius Church, and a huge blue sky above them, and a bright sun. But, I think, it’s unlikely that I would have such a beautiful picture, which I see every day from the window of my room.

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From the window of my apartment