From the book “Ukrainian etiquette”

A well-educated person can restrain anger, irritation, conceal a bad mood. Not every day brings us only joy and luck. You know how funny a man looks, annoyed over trifles. Restraint is highly valued by people. If you cultivate such qualities as willpower, perseverance, they will be useful to you throughout your life.

For example, you play something with a friend. Immediately think, what exactly are you interested in – a game or a victory over an opponent?

Calmly play, because it’s better to meet with a stronger partner than with someone weaker than you. And in general, the game is entertainment, checking of strength, friendly rivalry, and not a duel, as a result of which the defeated die, but not from wounds, but from vexation. Remember, you won or lost, – the game ends with a friendly handshake of partners, a friendly smile and mutual words of gratitude: “Thank you for playing!”.

What can upset others is the kind of unfortunate person next door. Therefore, when you feel unhappy, your first duty is to make sure that no one will know about it.

Find the strength to smile and neglect the misfortune. Every misfortune is always exaggerated, it can always be overcome. To do this, you need to find the strength to think about tomorrow, about the future.

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From the book “Ukrainian etiquette”