Painting by Krymov “Windy Day: The Bull”

Nikolai Petrovich Krymov is considered one of the best landscape painters of the twentieth century. He paints landscapes of familiar places in such a way that anyone who looks at his picture seems to be not only its spectator, but also a direct participant. One of the artist’s most impressive works is “The Windy Day: The Bull”, created in 1908.

Everyone who looks at this picture feels anxiety and excitement, the raging elements seem to break through the picture and cause the audience to shrink from fear and admiration for it. If most of Krymov’s paintings are always sunny and clear, then the artist captures a real hurricane, from which the sky has darkened, it has been clouded, and the trees are bent under the pressure of a terrible wind piercing to the bones and raising piles of dust on the sandy road.

When looking at the picture, we understand that the storm is approaching, which is better to sit out in a warm house. That is why the shepherd urges his cattle to take them to the cowshed and not allow them to get wet under the coming downpour, and even hastily hide in the house. And at the gate he is waiting for another man who raised his hands high and as if inviting animals and a shepherd to hurry into heat.

Fear of the raging elements binds both people and animals. But if a white cow obediently goes to the gate, then the black bull behaves rather strangely. A bright black spot he is depicted in the very center of the picture – crouched to the ground, puffed out horns, tail lifted. It seems a little more – and he will break free and run, but not to the saving heat of the stable, but on the contrary forward, to the stormy hurricane, to dissolve in it, so similar to himself.

In this picture, both truth and fiction are mixed, and the whole situation before the coming storm is perfectly illustrated. That’s why it causes a lot of emotions in the audience and stirs his heart.

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Painting by Krymov “Windy Day: The Bull”