Feedback on the book

The teacher of literature arranged a meeting with the writer-the real thing. We hardly waited until the end of the lessons.

Writer Vasily Fyodorov came to school to hear our opinion about his recently published book of stories for children.

We were preparing for this meeting. First, the teacher told us about the creativity of today’s guest and about himself. We read the stories of Vasily Fedorov with the teacher after school lessons.

I especially liked the story about an elephant named Bambi, who lived in the zoo. Bambi became very attached to the zoo worker Arkady Petrovich. And when he retired, the baby elephant so yearned that the administration of the zoo had to persuade this man to return and work again. The story was called: “The elephant did not let go of the pension.”

The children were offered in advance to write small reviews about the stories they liked. These reviews will be forwarded to the author on the day of the meeting. I

wrote a review about the story “The elephant did not let go of retirement.” I wrote that this story excited me by the touching relationship of an elephant and a man. It turns out that the animal is able to experience a feeling of affection for a person, to miss it very much, to rejoice at the appearance of a friend. In turn, a man shows his best qualities when he is friends with an animal, for example with an elephant. When Arkady Petrovich found out that the elephant was suffering without him, he returned to the zoo to take care of Bambi.

The writer described this story very emotionally, he feels that he knows the life and habits of elephants well. At the same time, he is familiar with the problems of zoo workers. The author notices the details, which testify to the hard work of the zoo keepers. The hero of the story had troubles in the family, but they did not affect his attitude towards the elephant.

The story “The elephant did not let go of retirement” is written in an accessible language. After reading the story, I seemed to have made friends myself – an elephant Bambi and an elephant elephant Arkady Petrovich.

I wrote all this in my review. After the meeting with the writer, time passed. Once the teacher brought a package to the literature lesson. It contained books by the writer Vasily Fedorov. He sent them for the guys whose reviews he liked the most. One of the books was meant for me. On it stood the inscription of Vasily Fedorov.

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Feedback on the book