Favorite magazine

Reading improves our worldview and helps us to think more broadly. In addition, reading the magazines provides an opportunity to learn about new trends in modern life, social trends and so on. It is known that the variety of magazines for today the market is infinite. Thus, everyone can choose something interesting. For example, my classmates can not wait for a fresh issue of “Cosmopolitan”. “Viva”, etc. They believe that the articles in these journals can help in their lives. So I can say – “About tastes do not argue.”

As for me, I’m fond of art in any form. That’s why I’m trying to read as many more interesting articles relating to contemporary art. I think that this helps in self-realization and gives a more complete picture of the world, as it is known that art reflects all the trends that exist in society.

There is one magazine that is quite useful in this exciting process. It’s called Sho. He positions himself as an underground art magazine. On its pages, I always find something interesting that I can read about. For more convenience, it is divided into sections devoted to the modern theater, news in the field of cinema and the most remarkable films, contemporary literature and music. Usually, I read reviews of various film festivals, for example, the Cannes Film Festival. I learn new interesting musical groups and even musical directions. On the pages devoted to tourism, I learn about exciting sights and opportunities to travel around the world.

“SH” covers almost all of my needs for art projects and events. I want to believe that it also helps me find myself and create my own way of life.

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Favorite magazine