What is insult?

In the composition there are references to the story of V. Soloukhin “The Avenger”.

Option 1

Resentment is a reaction to an unpleasantness that you consider undeserved in relation to yourself. You feel this feeling if you were let down, betrayed, if you were hurt by word or deed, but do not keep it in yourself for long: insult is destructive.

The narrator from V. Soloukhin’s text also experiences a similar feeling, and it gives birth to a lot of negative emotions in his soul: the desire to revenge, aggression, forces to deceive, to experience anger.

Resentment, if you do not forgive it, becomes a heavy load, which you wear yourself. With this feeling it is not easy to live, it burns the heart.

So it was with the heroes of the fairy tale-there were M. Prishvin’s “Pantry of the Sun” – Nastya and Mitrasha. But, when the children forgave each other minor upsets, they all got better.

So, if you do not hold

resentment in yourself, the world will again shine in all colors.

Option 2

Resentment – a mixed feeling of self-pity and evil at the offender. I think that offense is familiar to each of us. Often it leads to the desire to revenge, if a person does not find the strength to forgive, and this is stated in this text.

When in the back of the storyteller Vitka Agafonov threw a heavy ground ball, he was offended and decided to take revenge on the offender. He incited this feeling in himself, from which he himself “heated up.” True, thanks to his good nature, he later forgave his offense and correctly did it: first of all, you destroy yourself.

Often in life we ​​take offense at parents who make comments to us. However, we must remember that they do not want to offend us at all, but, on the contrary, they want us to be better. Therefore, one should never take offense at them.

I believe that it is very important to be able to release this unpleasant feeling and live without remembering the evil. This behavior teaches us both this story and life itself.

Option 3


my understanding, resentment is a feeling that a person experiences when injustice is committed against him. Resentment is not always easy to forgive, and it can only be done by the most resourceful, mild-mannered people.

In the story of V. Soloukhin, the narrator feels hurt. He was never thrown into the earth’s ball for anything. The narrator is perplexed: why did Vitka Agafonov do it? There was no answer, and therefore “the soul was black with resentment and anger.”

Anyone would take offense at this behavior and take revenge. However, there is a wise expression: “You will repay good with good – good fellow! You will answer evil for good – you are a wise man!” The narrator was wise and did not inflict retaliatory resentment.

In fact, forgiving offense, we open our heart to good feelings.

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What is insult?