Composition “On the River”

One of the best ways to relax in the summer is to go or go to the river. Here, near the water, it’s cool even in the heat. It’s good to go swimming, take a refreshing dip in the water! And then relax on the sunny beach!

The river carries its waters from the source to the mouth, and life beats the key in the water and on the banks. The fish are splashing, sparkling with dragonflies over the water with transparent wings, jump noisily into the frog’s duckweed. And in the evenings the same frogs arrange loud concerts on the banks!

On the river bank, you can endlessly watch the living creatures. Here is a town of Swifts: they hollowed out an uncountable number of mink on a steep bank. It turned out several “floors” with separate “apartments”.

There are so many entertainment for recreation on the river! You can arrange on the beach picnics and fry shish kebabs on the grill. And it’s good to tie a tarsinka to the tree on the shore and jump from it into the water with noise and splashes! Only the place should be inspected, so that nothing dangerous, hard or sharp, would fall on the bottom.

Come to the river and look around: here is a fisherman sitting with a fishing rod, but fishermen threw the net. Someone is catching crayfish near the shore, skilfully pulling them out with their bare hands from the mink. Everyone will find something to do on the river.

And of course, the best activity on the river is to swim along it on a boat, on a boat, and if the river is big, then on a small boat. Only a little travel on the summer river, you can truly understand its beauty.

And if you ride a small boat without a motor, you can hear the sounds of nature, see the calm beauty of its watery surface and green beaches, really relax in silence…

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Composition “On the River”