Parable “Repentance” of the ancient Jews

Somehow the angel did not listen to God and prayed that he was allowed to repent of the fault, and God said:

“I will not punish you, but for your disobedience you must come down to earth and bring me from there the greatest value.”

A few years later, flying over the battlefield, the angel saw a soldier wounded in battle die.

“Water, water!” he asked with parched lips. Hearing this, another seriously wounded man crawled up to him, opened the jar and watered the comrade, on whose face a smile appeared. When the jar was empty, the angel picked it up and brought it to the throne of the Most High.

“Almighty God,” he said, “this is probably the greatest value in life.

“Of course,” God agreed, “the value is considerable, but not the largest in the world.

The angel returned to the ground and after a long search he reached the hospital where the sister of mercy was dying. She nursed the sick

when she struck her incurable disease, and now she had to live a few hours. When she sighed for the last time, her breath was picked up by the angel, brought him to God and said:

– Almighty God, probably this is the greatest value in the world.

God smiled at the angel and said:

“Self-sacrifice is the greatest value, but fly again and bring me the greatest value in the world.”

The angel returned to the earth and this time he searched for a long time until he noticed the rider making his way through the forest thicket. He was going to his abuser’s house to kill him. The hosts did not guess at all. The intruder crept to the window, looked inside and saw that, laying a small son, his mother taught him to pray and thank God for all the benefits that he sends to people. This scene reminded the villain of his own mother, who also laid it down as a child and also taught to pray. His heart warmed, tears rolled down his cheeks, and he regretted his evil intentions. The angel took one tear and brought it to God.

“Gracious God, repentance is without doubt the greatest value in the world.”

God smiled affectionately at the angel and said:

– Now you are right, – in my eyes this is the highest value.

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Parable “Repentance” of the ancient Jews