Biography of Svetlana Bondarchuk

Svetlana Vitalievna Bondarchuk – TV presenter, professional model, proprietress of PR-agency and editor-in-chief of popular magazine “Hello”. The wife of the famous director Fyodor Bondarchuk.


She was born on December 17, 1968 in Moscow. She graduated from the Institute of Culture with a specialization in bibliography. As a child, she professionally engaged in fencing, becoming a candidate for master of sports. Svetlana constantly organizes gorgeous social gatherings and meetings.

Career Model

Grandmother Sveta led the girl to the casting, she weighed 55 kilograms with a height of 177 centimeters. She was very shy and insecure. But later, it was thanks to her grandmother that Svetlana wins the “Burda Moden” contest. In 2007, the girl becomes the face of a cosmetic firm.

TV career

For a long time Bondarchuk worked on the TV channel “Domashniy”, she led two programs: “Dress your girlfriend”

and “Fashion vaccination”. Further on the channel STS Svetlana became the chairman of the jury of the contest “You are a supermodel”.
In the program “Fashion Inoculation” Bondarchuk is very courteous to the participants, she explains them clearly and politely. Helps to find your image, selects appropriate things and accessories. The old things the participant she passes to the designers who give them a new life. Women, leaving the program, leave with a smile on their faces and a glint in their eyes.

Svetlana always looks at 100%, she is considered a standard of taste and style. Naturally, the yellow press likes to sweeten the impeccable life of a woman with bitter pills.

Publishing Activities

In 2006, Svetlana was appointed editor-in-chief of the fashionable well-known magazine “Hello”. Bondarchuk also tried to work on her own magazine for secular women of fashion, but in 2009 it was closed because of the crisis in the country.

Personal life

With the future husband Fyodor Bondarchuk Svetlana met in her youth, they

were friends for a long time, and later began to meet. After a long relationship, the couple decided to get married. In 1992, the son of Sergei was born to Fedor and Svetlana. In 2000, the daughter of Varvara. The eldest son went to study in the United States of America, where he mastered all the subtleties of direction, deciding to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and father. At the end of 2012 Bondarchuk became the grandmother and grandfather of Margarita’s granddaughter. Svetlana regularly participates in a variety of projects, supports her husband and arranges presentations, social gatherings.

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Biography of Svetlana Bondarchuk