“War is a terrible word” composition

War is the most terrible word in a person’s life. When a war breaks out in people’s lives, it always brings grief and misfortune, it breaks the habitual way of life. We remember everything about the most monstrous and cruel war – the Great Patriotic War, although they were not its immediate participants. But our relatives were on it, they protected our lands from the enemy. For each family, this is a war of its own, special. The whole horror of the war argues in his work V. Bykov “One Night”.

Vasil Bykov is a national writer, he remained faithful to the theme of the war throughout his creative career. The peculiarity of his works is that he depicts in his works the war as it was – in suffering, blood, betrayal and heroism.

The main hero of the story “One Night” Ivan Voloka is torn between the duty of the soldier and human compassion, escaping from German bullets, he is in the basement under a pile of collapsed walls. But it

turns out that with him the floor remains a German soldier, wounded, and he needs help. From the dam itself, he can not get out. How to do Ivan? Kill this unarmed, sick enemy or help. Unaware of what he was doing, Ivan helped the German get out of the rubble, he bandaged his wound. But when they were at large, the fascist decided to flee, and our soldier had to kill him.

The theme of cruelty and inhumanity of war is full of all military works. The war has its own laws. The main characters of military operations are fear and hatred. They drive people, making them commit ruthless acts. What moved the protagonist, when he shot at the German – a rhyme before the commissar or hatred of the enemy? It is impossible to give an exact answer, it is understandable only that war puts a person in a desperate situation, makes you choose who to be: killed or a murderer.

The war has no other purpose than killing people. The author does not condemn his hero, he does not take sides, he simply describes the events, giving the reader an opportunity to assess the situation himself. He writes about the fact that people in extreme conditions can behave differently, showing both cowardice and heroism.

The problems that V. Bykov raises in his work are relevant in our time, because the war continues even now. As the current and future generations should remember that the worst word “war” is nothing in the world. We must strive for peace and live without wars.

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“War is a terrible word” composition