Composition “Three Desires”

Composition “Three Desires”

Every person has cherished desires. Some of them are executed, and some do not. But it seems to me that man himself must strive to make these desires come true. To do this, you need to understand that the world around us is filled with many miracles and fairy tales. But in order to become a fairy tale, it is necessary to work very hard and constantly replenish your knowledge, improve your skills and persistently think about your cherished dream, thinking step by step the way to fulfill desires.

I, like any other of my peers have a whole bunch of desires. They appear unexpectedly and are in large numbers. In order not to forget these desires and then at leisure to think about them, I lead the Book of Desires. While working on the composition, I turned over my cherished pages and found

many main desires. Only three wishes. So little. I would like it all at once! But this does not happen. So, only three.

First: our whole life, near to us there are native and close people. But the world is so organized that sooner or later people leave us for eternity. Therefore, I want my family to live forever! I know that this is impossible, but let their life last as long as possible!

Second: all of us are surrounded by our smaller brothers – animals. Many of them are homeless and sick. How little we care about them! How often we act towards them with a heartless and irresponsible attitude! It is painful to look at their suffering. Therefore, my second dream is to become a great vet and continue my dad’s business and build a shelter for homeless four-legged friends.

Third: the second desire can not be fulfilled without the third. For this I very much want to finish school with good grades and an excellent baggage of knowledge!

That’s all! It turns out how little a person needs to be happy. It is enough to fulfill three cherished desires. But for them to be fulfilled, you need to try! I will try very hard, and I believe that my wishes will be fulfilled! After all, faith, hope, love must live in each of us.

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Composition “Three Desires”