Composition “Summer Joys”

As it is sung in one famous song “Summer is a small life”. I fully agree with this statement. Summer is one continuous holiday that lasts for three months. This time of year is simply filled with various pleasures: there is a lot of free time that you can spend on reading your favorite books, on walks with friends, computer games, hiking, swimming in the river and much more. I especially like the entertainment associated with nature.

With parents in the summer we often go to the sea, bathe in a warm lake, and sometimes in a cold river! I also like to go fishing with my dad. I do not like sunbathing, but when parents are sunbathing, I always find an occupation for myself. I like active games on the beach, chasing an inflatable ball in the water – a favorite thing, playing volleyball on the sand is also very interesting.

In the summer, I never stay at home for long. Usually I will play a little in an interesting computer game and call my friends to go for

a walk. We walk late, because summer is also good by the fact that at this time of year it starts to get dark very late, so my parents allow me to walk until 11 pm. But they always tell me not to skip dinner.

In the summer you can get out into the woods for a picnic, talk a lot with friends, relax at the cottage, the boys go out with their football and basketballs, the girls with skipping ropes, and the younger ones take robots and dolls with them. The summer day begins very early with a colorful dawn and lasts a very long time. It seems that nature is so specially arranged that in the summer time it’s possible to catch everything.

In the summer you can learn something new. Someone is learning some interesting foreign language, somebody is messing around with a dad with a car, someone is learning to plant flowers or something else – they all have their own interests. Summer joys are limitless and sometimes even bring us a bit closer to a happy future, because in the summer we have the opportunity to seek our vocation.

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Composition “Summer Joys”