Every nation can and must learn from others

These words of K. Marx are especially relevant in the 21st century, when the boundaries for information, culture, science and technology do not exist. Various associations of countries are being created: the CIS, the European Union, the countries of the Pacific region, the Baltic countries, the countries of the Black Sea basin, etc. For economic and cultural cooperation, for mutual assistance on many issues. In order to learn from others.

Taras Shevchenko left us such a will: “Strange things, do not bother with yours!” Learn from others, do not brew in your own juice, take over from neighbors useful, valuable, implement it at home… How often in response to this we hear accusations of “Americanization”, “Europeanization”! I think that all the Slavic peoples have such a strong inner core that no external influences will not break it, but they will not even be bent. We now have such an infatuation with external signs of Western life, because

only 11 years ago our country became an open country. And in the achievements of Western civilization a lot of attractive. So they spread widely both among us and our neighbors in the former Soviet Union. I am sure that this wave of enthusiasm will subside, something will remain, it will take root, it will become its own,

There are many historical examples. Three hundred years of the Mongol-Tatar yoke were sustained by the Eastern Slavs, without changing their faith, customs, or traditions. But Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​are enriched: many words of Turkic origin live in our languages, and no one remembers that by origin they are not native. And how Ukraine tried to “get it”!

From the life of other nations, one must take the best into their lives and master it. And do not be guided at the same time by false patriotism, believing that someone else’s is someone else’s, and therefore bad and unnecessary. Now it is no longer fenced off from the world either by building walls like the Great Chinese, or by the iron curtain of bans. The process of interpenetration of economies

and cultures can not be stopped. Yes, no one wants it.

I would like to have more borrowed from us. And for this it is necessary to improve their technologies, improve production, develop national science and culture. Although the West has long borrows from us “minds”: there is a so-called “brain drain”. Our level of education is recognized as very high all over the world. If our standard of living, services, comfort became attractive for young people from Western countries, our universities would be overcrowded with foreigners. I would like, for example, to study in a student group, where there would be Italians. For some reason, this country attracts me. It seems that Ukrainians have something to learn from Italians, and they – from us.

The world became open. Unfortunately, not only for good, for good and useful. But I believe that the export of terrorism, drugs, weapons and evil, which corrodes the soul, will soon cease. People should “export” science, culture, spiritual values ​​to each other. This does not mean the erasure of national characteristics and interstate borders. This means: to learn from other nations that they are objectively better. The world will become richer and more diverse from this.

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Every nation can and must learn from others