Composition “Summer at the dacha”

If you ask any child, “what time of year does he have the most favorite?”, Then the answer will be one – summer. Of course, I really love summer. The hot sun and beautiful nature around, warm water in the river. But the most important thing is a vacation. Many children leave for the whole family to the village for the whole summer. They like it there very much. They bring with them many interesting stories about their adventures. And, of course, share their impressions. And we have no one in the village. But still, not all of my summer holidays I spend in the apartment. No. We have a summer residence. And when the parents have a weekend we all go there together. Two days a week, we are dedicated to cleaning the suburban area. At first, it seems very uninteresting. Yes, and the desire to work on a hot day, no. But when all the work is done, you experience the joy of the work done. This summer I helped put the arcs in the ground. Then they became a greenhouse. And now

it grows tomatoes. They have not yet ripened and the green hang, but this is a matter of time. But now we will eat them in the winter. And how nice to know that it was with my help that we made this hotbed. Now I can say with confidence that I can make a greenhouse!

Of course, except for work on the cottage area about rest, we also did not forget. We often walked in the woods. Walking through the forest is good at any time of the year. It’s only in the summer to walk there is much more interesting. In the winter, for example, you do not particularly like the forest paths, because there are none, and snow and snowdrifts all around. And the picture in winter is the same, how many do not go through the forest. But summer walks are quite another matter. If you have a car, you can go further into the forest. There, at a sufficient distance from the city, you can get to a place where animals live. Real wild forest dwellers, not pets. In addition to a pleasant walk, you can collect mushrooms. I prefer to run in the woods rather than picking mushrooms. The search for mushrooms is not very interesting for me. But to

see some kind of forest inhabitant that’s beckoning me. It is in this search that I spend time in the forest,

I’ve seen squirrels many times. In general, these are curious animals. They are all interested. Most often they look at me without changing their situation. The squirrel itself is standing on a tree and to see me, it is upside down. And the little eyes of this little beast are very intelligent. Small black embers – eyes closely follow me. In such moments she looks funny. In general, I would very much like the protein to live in my house. So I try to catch it. I just can not climb trees as well as squirrels. Well, when a squirrel jumps from branch to branch, even tracing it is very difficult. It seems to me that the animal feels that they are hunting for it, and therefore tries to run away with all its might.

If you stay in the forest for the night, you can observe a lot of interesting things. For example, it’s interesting to watch the fire. And with ease you can catch a hedgehog. This animal walks is not quiet, but rather puffs. And my mother’s a coward. When we stay in the tent in the forest, she is very afraid of all sorts of nighttime sounds. And I’m not afraid of anything in the forest. In fact, catching a hedgehog is easy. You just need to throw a towel on him and that’s it. After all, hedgehogs can not run fast. And why should they run away because they have protection – needles. The funny animal is a hedgehog. If he was caught, he immediately curls up into a ball and from somewhere deep snorts. At such times I very much want to pat him and reassure him that he is not afraid of me. Once I patted. Ranks on the palm of a long healing. True, hedgehogs are not pets. And do not even think about bringing it home. I once brought it. From such a beast in the house a very unpleasant smell. In addition, hedgehog can not be trained in teams. Yes, what teams there, hedgehog even the name will not respond.

Here it is, what summer in the country. This is the forest, the river, the hedgehog, and the squirrels. The most wonderful time for rest. For these three months, I have so much joy that I have enough memories for a whole year. So what if that rest is not in the village, but in the country. Worse, he does not become of it. After all, we go to the forest and swim on the river. And I have a lot of impressions and I can share them with friends who will come from the village. Interestingly they were catching hedgehogs? I really love summer and I always look forward to it. And, probably, not only me, all the guys are waiting for him.

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Composition “Summer at the dacha”