Composition “Sport in my life”

Sport helps a person to be in good physical condition, and besides, he brings up character and willpower. Sports activities promote health. Even simple charging in the morning under your favorite music charges with energy for the whole day.

I always liked active entertainment. As long as I can remember, I always played a variety of outdoor games. And I got incredible pleasure from it! So my parents wrote me down on table tennis. This is a very interesting sport, in which it is necessary to show a quick reaction, good coordination of movements, concentration. When I play, it grabs me completely! I like this sport because it does not have overloads, it is not very traumatic, but it develops flexibility, coordination, endurance and muscle strength.

In addition to enjoying and physical health, sports gave me many interesting people, whom I met in training and competitions, and now often communicate. It is very important to have like-minded people and those who share your preferences, with whom you can talk and share your impressions.

And even doing sports can make you feel the joy of your own achievements. It did not work for you once and the ball through the net to throw, and now – you occupy prize places in competitions! And you understand the price of the effort and work on yourself. And besides, you realize that perseverance is a good help in achieving any goals.

It is not necessary to be a professional athlete to benefit and enjoy sports. Many of the people run around in the morning, when they go to aerobics and fitness, someone plays football or does karate. The main thing is that it is liked. And at the same time, it makes you physically strong and self-confident, and also gives an opportunity to get acquainted with many interesting people.

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Composition “Sport in my life”