Summary “Wild swans” by Andersen

Summary “Wild swans” by Andersen

At the beginning of the fairy tale, we get to know eleven of the royal princes and the little princess, who are the children of the king. The king’s wife died, and he married a new woman. My stepmother did not like her stepchildren and stepdaughter very much.

With the help of witchcraft, her stepmother turned a beautiful little princess into an ugly girl, and her brothers into swans. The princess rushed to her father to talk about the atrocities of her stepmother. However, the king did not believe his daughter, because he simply did not recognize her.

Eliza was forced to spend the night in the forest with her brothers – swans. When the girl fell asleep, she dreamed of a fairy fairy, who told that it was possible to remove the spell from the brothers only if she

sewed them with nettles, without saying a word.

In the morning the girl took up a difficult job. Despite the pain, she courageously continued to sew nettle shirts. While she was tearing nettles in the forest, the young king of the neighboring kingdom saw her and took her to wife. However, the archbishop of this kingdom once observed that the dumb queen (as they thought of Eliza at the time), ripped nettle at night to the cemetery and hastened to accuse her of witchcraft.

The spouse-the king ordered Eliza to be imprisoned. In confinement, the girl managed to sew the last shirt for her swan brothers. When the next morning she was led to the fire, swans flew to the young queen.

Eliza quickly threw shirts on them, and they again turned into people. The king, after learning the truth, apologized to his wife. And Eliza’s father, exposing his wife, drove her away from her kingdom.

Heroes of H. Andersen’s fairy tale “Wild Swans”

In the fairy tale “Wild Swans” before us reveals all the courage and heroism of the young Eliza. The girl not only suffered infernal pain while sewing nettle shirts, but was also willing to sacrifice her own life for the sake of her brothers.

So we see a wicked stepmother, who with the help of magic, has made a bad deed in relation to the children of her husband. Instead of loving the princess and the princes, she condemned them to eternal suffering, unaware of the courage that little Eliza can do.

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Summary “Wild swans” by Andersen