I moved the books on the shelf, and suddenly a small piece of paper fell from one book. I took a small white leaf folded in half and unfolded it.

It was an old letter from my distant friend who lives in Novosibirsk. I immediately remembered his face and voice… How long have I not seen my friend!

Once we studied at the same school. Our friendship was honest and strong. It seemed that nothing could stop her! But Igor’s family left for Novosibirsk, and we had to part. The friendship did not stop, but the distance somehow distanced us from each other, because a true friend needs to be constantly, he should be there to listen and talk at any moment. This is so important when there is someone to tell about their misfortunes and victories!

I seemed to hear the voice of a friend, felt his breath, the warmth of his handshake.

But then I woke up, saw a piece of paper in my hands and realized that there are things that you will never return. But these things, events and people are alive in our memory!

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