Composition “Once Upon a Time”

The day was sunny, there was not a cloud in the sky. The morning breeze pleasantly cooled, and Steven Tyler played in the headphones. It was a pleasure to ride along the road. I do like riding very much and at any opportunity I sit on a bicycle.

It was at the end of July, so sunflowers blossomed around the riotous color. They were with me growing and created a kind of green wall with a beautiful yellow tip. I admired nature and thought about my own. Sometimes I like to be alone, alone with my thoughts.

So I went where my eyes looked and after a while I was hungry. I decided to stop and have a bite. The halt was made right on the side of the road. When I ate and looked at my watch, it turned out that I had gone for more than three hours and it was long time ago to go home, otherwise my grandmother would worry. I got up, lifted my bicycle, and an unpleasant thought came to me: during the drive I was often distracted by the surrounding beauty, on my own reflections, on something else, and did not remember the road. It turned out that I was lost.

I shuddered at this conjecture. How to be? I decided that I would go and try to find out on the way. I rode and went, but there were no familiar places. Sunflowers already began to ripple in the eyes. The difficulty was that there was no landmark on the field that could go back – everything is the same. I was already desperate and began to panic when suddenly I saw my grandmother. She was coming to meet me. It turned out that my grandmother noticed that I was gone for a long time, and went looking. It’s good that she knows the local places like her own five fingers.

Since then I have been following the road very carefully and have never been distracted if I am in an unfamiliar place.

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Composition “Once Upon a Time”