Biography of Arant Sanchez

Biography of Arant Sanchez

Aranta Sanchez-Vicario – tennis player, was born on December 18, 1971 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Most known as the first tennis player in the world in 1995 according to the Women’s Tennis Association.

In the biography of Aranta Sanchez-Vicario her career in women’s tennis was very long. In 1995 she became the first Spanish woman, considered the best athlete in the world. Among sports journalists, Arantha was known under the nickname “Barcelona Bumblebee”. On the court Aranta was famous for tenacity, perseverance, outside it – grace and charm. After defeating Chris Evert at the French Championships in 1988, Sanchez-Vicario attracted the attention of the whole world.

In 1989, at the age of 17, Arantha defeated Steffi Graf in the French championship. Thanks to this, she became the youngest girl to receive the title in singles. The following year, Monica Selesh beat this record.

By 1994, Sanchez-Vicario was among the top ten players, having won in the championships of the USA and France. She was named the best tennis player of the year by ESPN. For her biography Arant Sanchez-Vicario won 759 matches of the Women’s Tennis Association, won 29 ranks in singles, 69 in the doubles. She received the title of “Grand Slam”. After losing Steffi Graf Aranta held 12 more finals.

In addition, Sanchez-Vicario led Spain to dominance in the Federation Cup, won medals at four Olympics. Specializing in clay courts and showing an excellent team game, Arantha in 2005 was chosen by the magazine “Tennis” as one of the 40 greatest players of the tennis era.

Additional information: Her brothers, Emilio and Javier Sanchez, were also professional tennis players.

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Biography of Arant Sanchez