Autumn carpet

It was late autumn. The fire of foliage faded in the forests and groves. The trees stand naked, waiting for the snowy attire.

But the autumn colors have not yet been erased from the face of the earth. They are under our feet. Red, orange, maroon, yellow leaves covered the earth with a bright carpet. They are not yet faded, glow in the rays of the autumn sun. You walk along this colorful carpet and you can not tear your eyes from it.

Maple leaves are especially beautiful. Here’s one as if made of gold, and next to it is still green. But red, brown. If you look closely, you will see that they are all different. Leaves surprise not only with their multicolored, but also the skilful carving. You want to cut this out of paper – it will not work.

This carpet still makes sounds: rustles, rustles, as if whispering. Leaves, probably, say farewell words to each other, to trees, to a man. They remember how recently young and green, helped to saturate the air with oxygen, gave a shadow. And now they end their short life, but they do not regret anything and share their colors and the last warmth with the earth and man, they wish goodness and love, sun and happiness.

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Autumn carpet