Composition “My favorite toy”

My favorite toy was always a small soft dog. She was with me from a small early childhood. And it seems that I was given it for my birthday at three. Over time, my favorite toy has lost its former brightness, softness, beauty. But for me it has not become less significant.

There are such toys that can be passed from parents to children, and they were, in turn, transferred from their mother and father. I want my old toy dog ​​to become such a family relic. And let it not be some kind of antiques, but it plays no less important for me.

But why is my toy so beloved to me? And the fact is that I always dreamed of having a dog in my house. But we never had it. I was very happy when I saw dogs on the street, I watched the programs about them. But no matter how I dreamed and did not ask, a little friend did not buy me. I was also always amazed at how selflessly the dogs can protect their master, how they perform the commands, how they become the best friends of the person. And I did not have a brother or sister, which often caused boredom. I thought that the dog will decorate my life and make it bright.

Therefore, my love from a real animal was transferred to a child’s toy. Looking at her, I imagined that someday there would be a real barking in my house. My toy is a symbol of faith for me. And let it was just a soft dog, but for me it meant a lot.

Such a toy helped me to cheer up when I was overcome by sadness. I took it everywhere. I still have it and hopefully it will always be there. And someday already my children will put their secret, child washed into such a toy, perhaps it will be my faded dog. But after all, we all know that love is not for beauty, but for those emotions that an object or person can give us.

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Composition “My favorite toy”