Composition on the theme “The power of the word”

There is something we use constantly and freely, without even thinking about the consequences. This instrument acts both as a sharp sword, and as a gentle touch of my mother’s hands. What is it? This word. Depending on the context, and the tone with which it is pronounced, it is determined by what power the word has the power: to execute or to pardon. Everyone has the opportunity to control what has been said, so that the consequences of this act do not upset, but bring satisfaction and growth of personality. I understand that a word with power governs my life. What other possibilities are there for the printed and verbal information?

The word itself is a symbol of the information that is stored in the sense of what has been said. And it is this knowledge that has the power that makes us all do something or start thinking in a certain direction. No one thing in the history of mankind can compare with the current power of the word. It raised uprisings in which people voluntarily

gave their lives in the name of something. And only because the charismatic leader, who owns science to transmit and inspire others with his feelings and plans, and framing very bold ideas in words, raised them, having strengthened the spirit and giving direction to their strength, both crowds, and separately each individual.

Sometimes parents see off for an exam or responsible testing of their child with an approving parting word: “you can do it, we believe in you!”. Such wishes inspire confidence, help to believe in their abilities and opportunities.

I think that not only reckless and courageous acts are affected by someone’s word. Sometimes it gives rise to cowardice, ambition, envy and greed. And only because it was clumsy, rudely someone expressed his thoughts. This encourages me to be more attentive to how, what and to whom, I convey information. It is necessary to try to pass through the filter everything that has been heard, and only that which can positively affect my life, and reflect on that.

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Composition on the theme “The power of the word”