Composition on “Talent”

I believe that every person is talented. But each one’s talent manifests itself in different areas. Someone draws well, someone achieves success in sports, someone can add and subtract in the mind large numbers, someone can remember a large amount of information from the first time. Therefore, there are no people who do not have talents at all. Everyone can do something better than others. Perhaps while you do not even know what talents you have. In order to uncover them in yourself, you need to put a lot of zeal. Constantly probyvat something new, something that had never done before.

And in no case should not retreat, if the first time did not work. How often you can meet people who have made only one attempt, they did not succeed and immediately drop their hands and back away from their own. But after all, when did we all learn how to walk the number of times we fell? A huge number of times. But did this stop us? No! We stubbornly stood up and probyval again and again,

until finally we did not start to get. Our first step meant a lot to us. How hard he was extracted, how many attempts had been made before the beginning of everything turned out. The same thing has to be done and to find, manifest and reveal their own talents. At first, there will be little to be obtained.

After all, it is very difficult to do well what I never did before. But the main thing is not to give up, but continue to go to your goal, to stay again. And here after several attempts, and maybe a dozen or even hundreds, something will certainly start to work out. After these small successes, your talent will begin to gradually develop and improve. But even if in this area you do not have any significant success, then do not despair. After all, there is still a huge number of different activities in which you can excel. The main thing is to try and do not give up.

Then the process itself will bring pleasure. It’s so nice when you get something better than the rest. But this is achieved not only by one’s desire, but also by hard work. If you remember the great athletes who have achieved sky-high

successes, then all their victories were achieved only after a huge amount of training. And hardly the first time they all began to work out. But they went to their cherished goal, they became talented and did not give up. When you see such examples before your eyes, that is, what to strive for yourself.

When you look at talented people, you realize that there is no limit to the possibilities of man, and that everyone creates himself. If you want to achieve something, you must first put a lot of your personal efforts. If you just lie on the couch and wait for talents to paint unexpectedly in you, then bad news awaits you. This will never happen. To learn how to draw, you must first try. Then train, create drawings of varying complexity.

One can resemble special courses, study literature, which describes the techniques of drawing. And after that, absolutely anyone can learn to draw. And those who will diligently engage in more and become talented artists. And after all this scheme will work not only for drawing, but also for any sphere of human life. The main thing is to believe in yourself and that every person is talented, you just need to discover these talents in yourself. And also try to translate their ideas into reality. After all, positive thinking is also the key to success. Believe in yourself and your talents!

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Composition on “Talent”