Soulful drama of Catherine

Katerina is the central character in Ostrovsky’s play “The Storm”. Since the writing of the work is very popular. Performances based on the play do not go off the stage of the largest theaters. The main reason for such popularity in the talented disclosure of the author’s character Catherine.

The inevitable conflict with others and the drama of the main heroine leads to her tragic death.

In the image of Katerina, Ostrovsky portrayed a strong independent personality, constrained by the chains of traditional society. The patriarchal way of life, which everyone in the city adheres to, strangles the slightest manifestations of a living soul. His main supporter is Tikhon’s mother. She brought up her son in conditions of unquestioning obedience. Tikhon understands in his heart all the stupidity of his mother’s instructions, but he does not have the will to oppose her.

Katerina sincerely loves and pities her husband. She can not look

indifferently at his humiliation before his mother. But it can not fix anything either. The sultry atmosphere that reigns in the city gradually takes hold of it. Katerina unconsciously wants to escape from it.

The soulful drama of Katerina lies in the fact that in other circumstances she would never have committed treason to her husband. But in this “sleepy kingdom” she is too cramped, she suffocates from such a life. In the famous monologue of the main heroine “Why People Do not Fly” this sincere aspiration is most pronounced. A fantastic desire to become a bird and fly away “far, far away” is the passionate impulse of a tormented soul.

In reality, Katerina’s release was the result of a sudden love for Boris. The woman’s honesty did not allow her to openly talk about it. The rapprochement occurred with the assistance of Varvara. The novel with Boris, on the one hand, inspired Katerina, allowed her to feel the real enjoyment of life. On the other hand, this novel has become disastrous for the main character.

The image of Katerina is extremely tragic. She

can not be considered a fallen woman, betrayed her husband for a passing fad. The treason occurred through the fault of the old woman and her weak-willed son. The time spent without a husband flashed like a moment. Katerina anticipates the imminent payment for her terrible sin. She could easily hide all this, but, being deeply religious, she does not even allow the thought of deception.

Mental confusion Catherine aggravated with the arrival of Tikhon. She lives in delirium, scaring others with her behavior and words. Katerina is waiting for the divine punishment for her sinful behavior. The feeling of imminent death leads her to a terrible confession before her husband and his mother. Confessing to sin, it seems to purify her soul before perishing. Katerina’s suicide is the logical outcome of the work. Her spiritual drama could not be resolved otherwise.

Katerina is a perfect example of a strong spiritual personality. She is not guilty of treason or of her own death. Ostrovsky convincingly demonstrated the devastating effects on the human soul of outdated concepts and prejudices. The soul drama of Katerina is indicative for any historical epoch.

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Soulful drama of Catherine