Summary of the “Life of Galileo”

Summary of the “Life of Galileo”

Ms Sarti, Galileo’s housekeeper, Andrea’s mother.

Ludovico Marsili, a rich young man.

Priuli, curator of the university.

Sagredo, friend of Galileo.

Virginia, the daughter of Galileo.

Cosimo de ‘Medici, the Grand Duke of Florence.

Cardinals, inquisitors, scientists, soldiers, monks and others.

Galileo Galilei, a mathematics teacher in the city of Padua, wants to prove that Copernicus’s theory of the structure of the universe is indeed true.

He says that the old days have ended and only believe that the Sun and the Moon revolve around the Earth. He enthusiastically tells about this discovery to his son’s housekeeper. Mrs. Sarti is unhappy with this. Priests will necessarily say that this is heresy.


is poor, he spends all his money on books and astronomical instruments. He agrees to give private lessons to Ludovico, although he is not inclined to science.

The curator of the university refuses the scientist to raise the salary, for astronomy is a science that causes discontent of the Inquisition.

Padua is a city of trade. Now if Galileo invented something useful for traders, he would be given good money.

Galileo transmits his invention to the Venetian Republic – a telescope This is a useful thing for seafaring, so he gets a reward of five hundred scudi.

The scientist studies the sky with a telescope and is convinced that it is his. no. The next heavenly firmament!

The earth is the same heavenly body as the Moon.

Subsequently it turns out that in Holland they sell the same pipes, for which Galileo received his award.

The curator is angry. He does not want to hear about the astronomical studies of the scientist. A friend of Galileo warns him: for research Giordano Bruno was burned. In the sky of Galilee there is no place for God.

Galileo moves to Florence. There, at the court of the Duke, he will be able to engage in science more time. But in Florence, the Inquisition reigns.

The duke is still small – he is ten years old. He comes to Galilee to look at

the pipe. Andrea Sarti shows the duke the model of the universe that Galileo created. Then a quarrel arises, and the duke fights with the son of the housekeeper as an ordinary boy.

Court scholars do not believe in Galileo, they do not want to look at the pipe, do not want to know the truth.

A plague breaks out in the city. The Duke leaves the city, Galileo is also invited to leave. He sends his daughter to Virginia, a small Andrea, and he remains, because you can not carry books and appliances. Ms Sarti does not leave her master. She goes to the city to buy something to eat. So she contracted and fell right on the street. She was taken to the hospital in a monastery.

Andrea returns. Galileo continues to teach him his theory. The boy turns out to be smarter than respected people who do not want to believe in heaven without God.

Galileo carries his discovery to Rome. Monks indulge in it: “Hold me! The earth rotates too fast!

The Cardinal is very excited. He is sure that man is the crown of creation. Galileo shakes all the laws!

Temporarily teaching Galileo was recognized, but on March 5, 1616 the Inquisition banned the teachings of Copernicus, on which relied Galileo. At the first carnival after the plague, all in masks, only Galileo without a mask. It is a symbol of being honest and fighting for the truth.

Virginia and the rich young Ludovico are in love and are going to marry. But Ludovic hints at the scientist that his wife can not be the daughter of a heretic. Galileo can not renounce his beliefs even for the sake of her daughter’s happiness. Ludovico refuses from Virginia. The ideas of Galileo penetrate the people, they become slogans of rebellion against the rich. Whoever encroached on the laws of God, he also encroaches on the state power. Galileo arouses suspicion of the Inquisition, he is a dangerous rebel! Papa Barberini tries to protect Galileo, for – a great scientist. But even the pope is powerless against the Inquisition.

Galileo shows the tools for torture. He renounces his theory. Andrea condemns her teacher. He thought that Galileo would never yield to the truth.

Years pass by. Galileo lives in the countryside, he already sees badly. He did not leave the science, dictating the book to his pupil. But every page is taken by monks.

Andrea arrives, he is of middle age, engaged in science. He again accuses Galileo of treason. Italian science lags behind the science of those countries where the Inquisition does not have power. The pupil of Galileo leaves abroad. Scientists can not think and live in Italy!

Galileo hands him the manuscript of a book he secretly wrote and concealed from the monks. He did not give up!

Andrea goes abroad “with the truth in the bosom”. The views of Galileo will be preserved for descendants.

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Summary of the “Life of Galileo”