“Feeling of the Motherland” – what is it?

My homeland is Ukraine. In answers to the question about the feeling of the homeland, there are usually neat white rural huts with storks on the roofs and a cherry garden around, a river as clear as glass, a blue sky with a lark singing in it… These sentimental representations are only the outward signs of my native land. They are sweet to the heart, because they return us to childhood, to the village where our grandparents lived or live…

For me, the motherland is, first of all, something to be proud of. And in our hard history, and in today’s day. This is something for which my soul hurts, like every real patriot. This is something for which you are not ashamed before the honest people of your country and the whole world.

From the majority of the facts of the history of Ukraine, I distinguish those that make me particularly proud. One of them is the phenomenon of the Ukrainian Cossacks. To him our country owes its existence, because it arose on the people-Cossack

bases. Cossacks entered the history of mankind as the creators of a democratic society that lived for centuries without written laws. The democratic Cossack power – Zaporozhye Sich – caused surprise and admiration in the countries of Western Europe. Historians believe that the Ukrainian Cossacks have outstripped their time for many centuries. How not to be proud of this?

A huge role was played by the Cossacks in shaping the mentality of the Ukrainians. Cossacks embody the best features of the Ukrainian people: the greatest courage and wisdom, respect for elders, a sense of comradeship, which was considered the highest value. “There is no bond of holiness of fellowship!” – these words of Gogol’s Taras Bulba are close to everyone who believes in friendship. The patience and the rare ability of the Cossacks to endure life’s difficulties were amazing. These qualities have always helped our people. It is this people, a part of which I am, embodies for me the Motherland with a capital letter. How much hard suffering fell to the lot of our people! Tatars and Turks, fascists

and Bolsheviks carried death to the Ukrainian people. It is necessary to bow to the earth to such a people, its amazing vitality, the ability to revive like a phoenix, after such disastrous invasions.

It is with the education and giftedness of Ukrainians that my patriotic feelings are connected. The names of the great creators, enlighteners, scientists can not leave anyone indifferent. The great literary names of the past centuries arouse admiration and deep respect for the people, which generated geniuses of poetry and theater, music and architecture. The twentieth century gave us such cultural figures as A. Dovzhenko, O. Gonchar, V. Sosyura, P. Zagrebelny, P. Tychin, scientists, sportsmen. It is people who have reached the heights in their field and glorified our homeland for the whole world, now evoke a feeling of pride and love for the country.

If you briefly answer the question posed by the topic, then the “feeling of the motherland” is the majestic facts of history and the names of the great Ukrainians.

“Feeling of the homeland” for me is also a pride for the great Ukrainians who have glorified their country, and admiration for many pages of the history of Ukraine. But it’s just that painful feeling that embraces you when you after a short separation cross the border of Ukraine and see this land…

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“Feeling of the Motherland” – what is it?