Composition on the theme “My Motherland – Uzbekistan”

I live in a country with a very ancient history and unique nature. Here, among the mountains and deserts, a proud and strong people lived and hardened themselves in trials. Over the territory of Uzbekistan for centuries the Great Silk Road, connected two different worlds, two different civilizations. Of course, I mean Europe and Asia. The Great Silk Road traveled fabrics, spices, precious stones. And, of course, knowledge. Knowledge, discoveries of science and technology were transmitted through vast distances.

Once the ancient Uzbek city of Samarkand was burned by the warriors of Chinhishan in response to resistance from the townspeople. But in two or three centuries the city was rebuilt. Another conqueror, Timur, appointed him his capital.

It’s not for nothing that the Uzbek people were formed hospitable, friendly. Here they always welcomed visitors, whatever the wind brought them. Many people of different nationalities migrated to the Uzbek lands during the Soviet

era. Someone was forced to move here during Stalin’s repressions, someone was forcibly deported. Many Russians and Ukrainians came to the republic to build industry.

Now Uzbekistan can be proud of steel, gold mining, automotive industry. The only aircraft manufacturing plant in Central Asia is also located in Uzbekistan. The country is also actively extracting gas. In the world economic arena, Uzbekistan is the owner of vast untouched oil and gas fields, deposits of uranium ores. And a big producer of cotton.

Uzbekistan is a special country. Here they revere centuries-old traditions, are very attached to the family, their relatives, parents and children. The country is changing, now we have less children, less engaged in native horse riding, more and more by car. The Internet and other information technologies are developing. But fragrant Uzbek tea, pilaf and dried apricots remain in every house of the country, waiting for guests, relatives, neighbors and distant ones. Recipes vary only, the soul of Uzbekistan remains the same.

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Composition on the theme “My Motherland – Uzbekistan”