Life does not go through the field

“Life to live is not a field to cross,” says the people’s wisdom. For a long time people have noticed that there are no people who would be happy in everything. He who has wealth does not have peace of mind, and vice versa. And what is better? Hard to say. There is no man whose life is absolutely happy. Why? Since in life there are always difficulties. Everyone must pass through them. If a person has never experienced any problems, she ceases to be a person. In life, we learn all the time. This training is impossible to pass theoretically, it is learned only by one’s own practice.

Life seems complicated, because we do not want to perceive it as it is. A person is often displeased with his life, envying others, because there is always someone more beautiful, richer, more successful, happier than himself. But this is only at first glance, because absolutely every person has his own problems, his “skeletons in the closet.” If you think deeper,

you realize that there is always someone much more unhappy than you, and your problems are in comparison with his grief – trifles. Therefore, you should rejoice just because you live, enjoy every day you live, because time passes very quickly.

People always want to live their life the way they want it. Dreams are fine, but somewhere there is a boundary beyond which there can be no dreams. After all, a person should dream about what he can achieve someday. Otherwise, dreams are broken, but only pain remains on the heart. People often choose easier ways in life. But are they always the best? Unlikely. When you hide from difficulties, you avoid real, full life. Why? Since if it is complete, it is both joy and sorrow. Life can seem terrible, cruel, if you do not understand it. So what do you do? Always be afraid or accept it as it is and will be? Probably the second. But still there is a third. This is death. But we will not talk on this topic. Human life is difficult not only because of physical work, but also through mental work.

Without the latter, man ceases to be a man. Many people in the pursuit of material goods forget that the most important thing in life is peace of mind. And he has only one who devoted himself to other people. Gautama was right when he said: “Life is suffering.” To get rid of this suffering, everyone must find their own way. But it should be remembered that there is only one way for a person. If he loses it, he will lose himself.

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Life does not go through the field