Spring Festival

Both adults and children always rejoice at the onset of spring, and in Russia especially, because here winters are fierce and last a very long time. Little children usually perceive the seasons of the year as real living beings and are eagerly awaiting when the beautiful spring will come. That is why it is so important to arrange a real spring holiday for children. Usually it is held in kindergartens and primary school on March 1.

Spring holiday in kindergarten

Of course, all the teachers and parents are invited to the spring festival in the kindergarten. The script for the holiday is often written by educators who already know the children well, what they like and what does not, you can also take ready-made variants of the holiday on the Internet or in special books. It is important that the festival be carried not only entertaining, but also cognitive.

Of course, the spring holiday for children should be a very bright, beautiful and memorable event, however, everything

depends directly on the budget allocated for the organization of the holiday. Ideally, the venue of the event should be decorated with all sorts of flowers, best of all living, symbolizing the nature that came to life after a long winter. In the scene must necessarily be attended by Winter and Spring, their role can be performed by kindergarten teachers.

As in the case of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, the Spring children should be called on the stage as a welcome guest. In order for the scene to be cognitive, Spring must definitely point out that summer will follow her, and Winter will promise to come again, after the golden autumn. Thus, the kids will remember the order of the season. In no case can you portray the winter as an evil aunt, because winter is also a wonderful time of year, bringing a lot of joy and fun, you do not need to tune the kids against it.

In addition to Winter and Spring, other costumed characters should take part in the spring festival in the kindergarten. In children’s fairy tales and poems, the swallow is the main symbol of spring, it is “the swallow that flies

with us in the canopy towards us”. Therefore, in the scenario it is desirable to register the participation of the Swallow. Swallow can call Spring, but can lead, after the children call her.

It is not necessary to show the confrontations of Winter and Spring, emphasizing that Winter is fighting with the Spring. Winter should not be a negative character, however, any negative character that prevents Spring from coming to the children, yet must be present. There are many options, for example, it may be Leshiy or Baba-Yaga.

Now all kinds of Hollywood characters are very popular on children’s holidays and a spring holiday for children is no exception. Undoubtedly, American cartoons are bright and beautiful, and the characters are funny and memorable, but to instill the children need their own culture, so in such representations only domestic fairy-tale characters, which we also have, should take part.

Participation of children in the play

During the performance, children can sing songs, recite poems by heart, thus, memory trains, and children are liberated. The main thing is for the child to go on stage without coercion and without pressure from adults, because that’s what most often causes the fear of the stage and speeches before the public, which will be very detrimental in the future when the grown up child can not answer normally before the class, because classmates, this is also the public.

Most parents want their child to perform better, so they put pressure on the baby, demanding from him an impeccable performance, not realizing that only in conditions of ease and fun one can achieve a positive result. You can not turn fun into a difficult exam, if the child does everything playfully, without fear of letting his parents down, he will perform much better and will not take the fear of public speaking.

Of course, the brighter and more cheerful the holiday will be, the better. Representation may also include forest animals, squirrels, rabbits, bear cubs, chanterelles. Children themselves can be in costumes of forest animals, sun, dragonflies, butterflies, flowers and others related to the spring theme. The event scenario should involve the children in the presentation as much as possible.

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Spring Festival