Biography of Bunin

Biography of Bunin

Ivan Alekseevich Bunin is a famous writer and poet, the first Russian winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, an academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. He spent many years of his life in exile, becoming one of the main writers of the Russian diaspora.

Childhood and education writer

Ivan Bunin was born in a poor noble family on October 10, 1870. Then in the biography of Bunin there was a transfer to the estate of Orel province near the town of Yelets. Childhood Bunin passed exactly in this place, among the natural beauty of the fields.

Primary education in the life of Bunin was received at home. Then, in 1881, the young poet entered the Yelets Gymnasium. However, not finishing it, he returned home in 1886. Further education, Ivan Alekseevich Bunin

received thanks to his older brother Julia, who graduated with honors from the university.

Literary activity

Bunin’s poems were first published in 1888. The following year Bunin moved to Orel, becoming a proofreader in a local newspaper. Poetry Bunin, collected in a collection called “Poems”, was the first published book. Soon Bunin’s work gets famous. The following poems Bunin were published in collections “Under the open sky”, “Listopad.”

Dating with the greatest writers leaves a significant imprint in the life and work of Bunin. Bunin’s stories “Antonov’s apples” and “Pines” are published. Prose Bunin was published in the “Complete Works of Works.”

In 1909 the writer became an honorary academician of the Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg. Bunin reacted quite sharply to the ideas of the revolution, and left Russia forever.

Life in exile and death

Biography of Ivan Alekseevich Bunin almost all consists of travel, travel. In exile Bunin actively continues to engage in literary activity, writes the best of his works: “Mitin’s Love”, “Sunny Impact”, as well as the novel “Life of Arsenyev”, which brings Bunin the Nobel Prize in 1933. In 1944 Ivan wrote a

story “Pure Monday”.

Before his death, the writer was often sick, but he did not cease to work and create. In the last few months of his life, Bunin was busy working on the literary portrait of A. P. Chekhov, but the work remained unfinished

Ivan Bunin died on November 8, 1953. He was buried in the cemetery of Saint Genevieve de Bois in Paris.

Interesting Facts
    Having only 4 classes at the gymnasium, Bunin regretted his whole life that he had not received a systematic education. However, this did not prevent him from receiving the Pushkin prize twice. His elder brother helped Ivan to learn languages ​​and science, having gone home with him all gymnasium course. Bunin wrote his first poems at the age of 17, imitating Pushkin and Lermontov, whose work he admired. Bunin was the first Russian writer to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. The writer was not lucky with women. His first love, Varvara, never became Bunin’s wife. Bunin’s first marriage also did not bring him happiness. His chosen one Anna Tsakni did not respond to his love with deep feelings and was not interested in his life at all. The second wife, Vera, left because of treason, but later forgave Bunin and returned. Bunin spent many years in exile, but always dreamed of returning to Russia. Unfortunately, until the death of the writer so it was not possible to implement.

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Biography of Bunin