Composition on the theme “Medieval city”

I entered this French city in the morning through the gate in the fortress wall. The guards have just opened the city gates, locked at night. Therefore, many peasants entered my city, carrying goods to the fair on the carts.

I was in a labyrinth of narrow streets. For some of them, even a wagon would not be able to drive. In addition, the second floor of the houses strongly protruded above the first. I had to make my way in the semi-darkness, holding onto the walls. The women were talking loudly from the windows above my head. One time, on the street, there was a slop on the street. I barely managed to jump.

The streets were very dirty. On one of them lay a fat pig in a puddle. In the cul-de-sacs, there were often garbage dumps, for which the rats calmly roamed. Local residents told me that only a year ago the plague appeared in the city. But the devastating epidemic, fortunately, did not happen.

I got to the street of artisans. Here worked tanners, blacksmiths, carpenters, weavers, tailors, shoemakers, engravers, gold and silver craftsmen. The doors of each workshop were open and above the entrance there hung the emblem of the workshop, that is, the association of artisans. From local residents, I also learned that there is a spinning manufactory in the city, where many people work.

I went to the central square, cobblestoned. I admired the tower-town hall, in the building of which the mayor and municipal authorities are sitting. Next to it is the main city cathedral. It is built in the Gothic style. Its narrow towers with sharp spiers seem to be trying to reach the sky.

Above the city stood a hill on which I saw a castle surrounded by a wall and a moat. It was the residence of the Duke of Alencon, the feudal lord and owner of all the surrounding lands. The inhabitants of the city did not work on his estate, but still completely depended on his anger and favors.

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Composition on the theme “Medieval city”