Excursion to the museum

Excursion to the museum. If I was asked what a museum is, I would say that this is a place where you can meet the past. The museum stores what was long before our appearance, what remains of the old times and in our time has a great historical and cultural value. Therefore, before the excursion to the museum there is a feeling of the upcoming meeting with something unusual and special.

Museums are different. The historical museum keeps a memory of important historical events that have influenced the course of world history and thanks to which the world has become as it is.

Ethnographic Museum preserves the memory of the traditions and rituals of different peoples. He keeps monuments that speak of unique features and differences of one nation from another: national costumes, everyday life, cuisine, beliefs and folklore. The art museum stores works of fine art made by masters of past times and modern times. But the museum of local lore introduces its visitors to the past

of our native land. When I come on an excursion to this museum, pictures of the distant past of our corner of the earth begin to unfold before my eyes. After all, in nature everything is subject to change, and the museum tries to preserve these changes.

So, traveling through the halls of the museum of local lore, I get acquainted with how our land looked even before the appearance of a man in it, what animal and plant world it inhabited. The museum’s exhibits help to revive in my imagination pictures of past eras and eras. In each exposition, the speaker is any exhibit. All of them are skillfully placed, have very precise and detailed signatures, and sometimes detailed comments.

But without a guide in the museum, you can still do. From his story you can learn interesting information about the history of finding a particular find, the long way to go before you arrive at the museum. Guides – people are very keen. Every summer they go to excavations to places of ancient settlements and parking. Therefore, the guide can always ask many questions about his work, on the discovery of cultural monuments,

on their storage and restoration.

Each room of the museum is interesting in its own way. In the antiquities hall you can see fossilized ancient mollusks, the first amphibians and even the skeleton of a mammoth. Its dimensions are simply amazing. It’s hard to imagine that these huge animals once wandered around our city. And in the living room not only stuffed insects, birds and animals of our region, but you can even hear the voice of the forest, the sound of wind in the steppe and the murmur of the stream.

The creators of the expositions have done everything to revive the past and make it stop for a while. When I move from the hall to the hall, I get the impression that I’m traveling by time machine.

When the tour is over, I leave the museum and, crossing its threshold, instantly find myself in the modern world. Carefully peering at everything that surrounds me, I understand that the modern world has become so thanks to the past. Our present is very closely connected with the past and has grown out of it. Therefore, in order to better understand the modern world, to learn its laws, one must begin with an acquaintance with the past.

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Excursion to the museum